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About us

We are a bunch of physical geographers and other people with similar expertise interested in exploring the connections between the (sub)tropical climate and the urban landscape through our research and teaching. 

We are lucky enough to work on things we like doing: studying what urban areas do to the climate, and what these changes in climate do to people!

Our research is related to climate change and urbanization, the two global megatrends that transform human life and directly impact each other.


The Urban Climate Lab (UCL) supports experimental and modelling research with a focus on:

  • basic research into the physics of urban climates through micrometeorological measurements (e.g. energy balance, urban heat island and outdoor thermal comfort)

  • investigation of the local-scale increment on background global warming due to the urban heat island

  • development of survey/measurement methodology for urban scale meteorological analysis

  • study of urban land surface temperatures using satellite imagery

  • local/regional-scale urban climate modelling (e.g. evaluation and improvement of building effect parameterizations)


We are also interested in educating people about why our urban climate research is important.

We do so from the classes we teach in NUS Geography, the seminars and public lectures that we deliver, or from our appearances in the media.

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