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GE3253: Weather and Climate

Weather has an immediate effect on all of us and climate is important in human affairs on a global level. This module provides an introduction to both weather and climate. Processes underlying the behaviour of the atmospheric environment from local to global scales are discussed. The module commences with a discussion of atmospheric concepts in a visual and practical manner. Understanding and application of basic meteorological principles will help to explain environmental phenomena such as clouds and precipitation, tropical storms and global climate change. This course is appropriate for students from all Faculties.

GE4235: Urban Climates

Modifications made by humans to the surface of the Earth during urbanization alter just about every element of climate and weather in the atmosphere above the city. This module examines how these changes affect the urban atmospheric environment (temperature, humidity, wind, CO2, etc) and the wider implications for air quality, human comfort, urban ecosystems and environmental change. The important relationship between cities and climate change and the construction of more sustainable cities, is given particular attention. The iconic urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon which characterizes the climate of many cities will be a common theme throughout. Students are expected to read widely and conduct an empirical research project.

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GE4401HM: Honours Thesis

Examples of topics include:

  1. Urban heat island/thermal comfort - measuring air temperature and/or outdoor thermal comfort indices in various built and vegetated locations

  2. Influence of urban forests on the microclimate – involves measurement and analysis of temperature and humidity at the transition between urban greenspace and built-up area

  3. Urban thermal remote sensing - using satellite imagery and GIS

  4. Land/sea breeze dynamics – involves simple measurements of wind speed and direction near the coast

  5. Development of urban datasets - using remote sensing and GIS techniques.


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Minghong introducing some of the lab's microclimate equipment to students from the "Junior Ingenieur Akademie", a special programme offered by the German European School Singapore, GESS (2019).

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