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Celebrating environmental education at NUS

Not quite about urban climates but nevertheless environment-related. One of my numerous administrative tasks is as deputy director of the NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) Programme. In this capacity I had the honour to welcome Dr Sylvia Earle to the 5th Anniversary Lecture of the BES Programme. Dr Earle of course is a world-renowned oceanographer, National Geographic explorer-in-residence and TIME magazine’s first Hero for the Planet and she gave a captivating presentation about the sustainability of our blue planet. This lecture was part of a 3-day programme celebrating environmental education and capacity building at NUS.

The festivities also included the 2016 4th Asia Environment Lecture delivered by Dr Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute. Dr Steer’s presentation carried the very apt title “Growing, Growing, Gone? How to prosper while protecting the global commons”.

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