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NUS Geography urban climate lab at AMS Annual Meeting

As could be expected from the programme, the 13th Symposium of the Urban Environment (part of the 97th AMS Annual Meeting held in Seattle, USA) was interesting and inspiring. The entire range of urban climate research was represented over the course of four days with numerous talks on fundamental processes, on applications to air pollution, human health or outdoor thermal comfort, as well as on new developments in modeling or observational approaches. Andrés and I gave presentations and were involved in a number of other co-authored talks and posters. Meeting others doing similar work and colleagues and friends from the past, is an important function of such meetings. The Bornstein Named Session also brought together three past and the most recent recipients of the IAUC Luke Howard award.

From left to right: Sue Grimmond (2009), Walter Dabberdt (2016), Bob Bornstein (2008) and Tim Oke (2004)

Sharing a laugh with Bob (left) and Tim (right):

Andrés presenting his urban morphology work:

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